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Stat Rules

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1 Stat Rules on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:59 pm


Stat Rules

Stats in general:

Stats on the site determine your strength, damage with melee, durability, mana pool, mana regeneration, speed and senses.

They are divided into 5 categories, to make it balanced. The categories are Strength, which focuses on damage and regular strength. Dexterity, which focuses on your durability. Agility, that focuses on speed. Knowledge, that focuses on the size of your mana pool and mana regeneration. And finally Soul, which amplifies your Soul Resonance and it's ability.

All of the stats are divided into 6 levels as well. The levels depend on the amount of points that are assigned to the certain stat. A stat increases in power when it reaches 10 points, 20 points, 30 points, 40 points or 50 points.

Stat Points:

Points are earned by ranking up and doing stat training threads. You are also given 10 points into a certain stat category, depending on your house. These 10 are given when your character reaches Gold Tier.

You start out with 20 points, that you can distribute into the 5 categories as you wish. You may choose to max one stat to 20 right away, but that would leave others at 0, which is the lowest possible to have.

With every tier your character grows, they are given an extra 20 points. So, by tiers, it should look like this:

Bronze Tier: 20 points
Silver Tier: 40 points
Gold Tier: 60 points
Platinum Tier: 80 points
Diamond Tier: 100 points
Obsidian Tier: 120 points
Diamond Tier: 140 points

You will get 140 points free, of the 200 possible, just by getting a higher tier. The rest of the 200 points are gotten in two ways.

50 points are gotten by doing stat training threads. You can train any stat in a stat training thread, but you can't increase a stat more than 20 points with a stat training thread. Stat training threads unlock at Gold Tier.
These threads have to all have posts with at least 400 words and the post count depends on how many points you are doing, multiplied by two. You can train less than 5 points at a time.
When you have finished a stat training thread, one week must pass in real time, before a new one can start. A staff member will add the points, after you have told them about the finish of the thread and they have gone over it.

The final 10 points are gotten by joining a house and then reaching Silver Tier. These points can't be chose where they are placed, but are assigned to the skill that the house specializes in.

House Tracker gives you 10 points in Agility.
House Visenguard gives you 10 points in Dexterity.
House Dreadnought gives you 10 points in Strength.
House Sentinel gives you 10 points in Knowledge.
House Valkyrie gives you 10 points in Soul.

Stat Explanations:


Strength determines how much a player can deal damage with melee, including their hands and weapons. Strength also lists how much a person can lift, with how high their strength is.  

Strength Levels:

0-9 points: You are weak at this state, barely able to lift things up to 10 kilograms and your attacks with hands and weapons do only 1/4 of your tier damage.

10-19 points: You are now more trained and your strength is noticeable, though nothing special. You can easily lift objects up to 40 kilograms and all your melee attacks do 1/2 of your tier damage.

20-29 points: Now you can be considered a strong individual. It's nothing to lift up to 70 kg and all your attacks have started to deal 3/4 of your tier damage.

30-39 points: You have become stronger than a regular human could be. Your lifting has reached 100 kg and all your attacks have started to deal your tier damage.

40-49 points: You have grown to be stronger than mostly everyone. It's nothing to lift 150 kg and your attacks have started dealing 1.25 of your tier damage.

50 points: Now you are a living legend. You can lift up to 250 kg and any melee attack does 1.5 your tier damage.


Dexterity is what determines how many hits you can take, before going down. Basically your durability. This doesn't take account into any armor or things of that nature.

0-9 points: You can't almost take any hits, you are either a class cannon or just started out, whatever the case, you lack durability. In 10 of the same tier hits, you are knocked out.

10-19 points: You have improved drastically from a wimp. Your body feels much more powerful and can take 20 same tier hits now.

20-29 points: The growth has slowed down a bit, but your body is feeling even more powerful. You can take 25 same tier hits before going down.

30-39 points: You are now sturdier than a brick wall and can take up to 30 same rank hits before going down.

40-49 points: An iron bar bends easier than you do, most attacks seem to have no effect. You can take up to 35 same rank hits, before going down.

50 points: You are now The Juggernaut. You will only be downed by 40 same rank hits.


Agility determines the speed of which your character can move. Remember, this is the base speed of your character, they can have small boosts that raise this permanently or larger boosts that raise Agility quite a lot.

0-9 points: You are quite slow, but can still run decently quickly without getting too tired. Base speed is 15 kph.

10-19 points: You have trained more and due to this, you can run faster now. Base speed is 25 kph.

20-29 points: More speed, more training. Base speed is 30 kph.

30-39 points: Now you have surpassed regular human marathon speeds. Base speed is 40 kph.

40-49 points: You are not allowed to enter any kind of running event, as you'd just win. Base speed is 50 kph.

50 points: You are inhuman now, more so than before. Base speed is 70 kph.


0-9 points:

10-19 points:

20-29 points:

30-39 points:

40-49 points:

50 points:


0-9 points:

10-19 points:

20-29 points:

30-39 points:

40-49 points:

50 points:

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